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Individual Sponsors

Jeffrey Barnouw

Art Dimopoulos

David Eikenberry

Isabel Fonseca

James Jordan

Dina and Robert McCabe

Eleanor McCombe

James and Mary Ottaway

Phokion Potamianos and Family

Lawrence Stack and Loretta Cummings

Jennifer and Arthur Stephens

Nancy and Robert Stocker

Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener

Charles K. Williams

Scott Workman

Greek Ministry of Culture, Education, and Religious Affairs

Maria Vlazaki, General Secretary

Eleni Kountouri, Director of Preclassical and Classical Archaeology

Evangelia Kehayia-Militsi, Ephor, Kalamata

Evangelia Malapani, Curator of Antiquities, Kalamata

Demosthenes Kosmopoulos, Curator, Kalamata

Stamatis Fritzilas, Division Director, Kalamata

The Guards of the Museum of Chora

Tyiota Kaloyeropoulou, head guard

Maria Barka

Lakis Frangos

Kostas Gaitanis

Sotiris Kanellopoulos

Dimitris Kayias

Sofia Mylona

Liana Michalopoulou

Nikos Yiannopoulos

Institutional Sponsors

Semple Classics Fund of the University of Cincinnati

Institute for Aegean Prehistory

The Kaplan Foundation

The J.F. Costopoulos Foundation

The Anglo-Hellenic League

Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation

Rust Family Foundation

Temes, S.A., Achilleas Costantakopoulos, Chairman

Navarino Environmental Observatory, Karen Holmgren, Director

The A.G. Leventis Foundation

The Malcolm H. Wiener Foundation

The Elios Charitable Foundation

The National Hellenic Society

The 1984 Foundation

American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Jenifer Neils, Director

James C. Wright, Former Director

Ioanna Damanaki, Assistant to the Director

Bonna Wescoat, Former Chair of the Excavation and Survey Committee of ASCSA

Tellos Panos, General Manager

John Camp, Agora Director

Maria Tsiotsiou, Athenian Agora Excavations, Conservation

Takis Karkanas, Wiener Laboratory, Director

Dimitris Michalaidis, Wiener Laboratory, Administrator

Thomas Brogan, Director

Kathy Hall, Conservation

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